About us

Even5 is a small group of professionals dedicated to lifelong learning, and providing you with the best solutions for your business or organization. Leveraging our experience and modern technologies, we will bring you cost effective solutions that leave you in control of your content and website, while reducing the cost and hassles of regular maintenance. This will help you concentrate on what is important for your business or organization, and save you money as well.

The Internet and technology are constantly evolving, and businesses are evolving with them. We live in a time of rapid change and development. In order to be successful, online businesses and organizations need to be able to change quickly and adopt to new technologies that suit their goals. New trends and technologies are constantly emerging that—when used effectively—can promote your business or organization and bring more traffic, revenue, and prospective leads to meet your goals. When considering the online presence of your business, are you taking into the account the technologies that exist now and the ones that will emerge soon? We are! And we're here to help you with your strategy!

We use Drupal!

Drupal is perfectly and uniquely suited for creating flexible and extendable dynamic websites that can evolve and adopt new technology quickly. Drupal also integrates well with existing services, technologies, and social networks. It is a great choice for small businesses, not for profit, and educational organizations where every penny counts and cost effective solutions are required. At the same time it is fully capable of supporting medium and large businesses too.

We are wise enough to know that Drupal is not ALWAYS the best fit for every project, despite all of its benefits. In these cases, we are also able to work with wide range of other open source technologies such as WordPress or custom applications build in PHP or ASP.NET. For eCommerce, we can implement Shopify shopping carts, storefront, and customization. These are the main technologies we can work with, but the list goes on and on.

Whenever possible we opt for open source technologies, as this fits best with the idea of social, interactive, and extendable web; and benefits many businesses and organizations helping them get their message out without the need for expensive proprietary licensing.